Celebs React Hilariously to iPhone 6 on Twitter

Today is like Chrismukkah for Apple users as it marked the unveiling of yet another Apple (MEGA SUPER MOMENTOUS) upgrade. The world was introduced to the Apple Watch, iOS 8 and the almighty iPhone 6 and naturally all of Twitter exploded. Between celebs live-tweeting the #AppleEvent to Oreo jumping on the trending bandwagon faster than a dunk of a cookie, the responses so far have been pretty hilarious.

The developments of the Apple Watch as well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will have you shouting "Just take my money!" into the brightly-lit retail outlets full of all things sleek, touch-screen, and Apple-y. Though the Apple Watch isn't available until 2015, the new iPhones, complete with iOS 8, will be out on Sept. 19 and can be preordered Sept.12. Oh and that iPhone 6 Plus comes with 128 GB of space, which is probably more than your college laptop.

The prices of these newfangled contraptions aren't exactly hilarious. The Apple Watch starts at $349 while the iPhone 6 starts at $199, iPhone 6 Plus at $299 and the 128 GB Plus at a whopping $499 — all with a two-year mobile contract. At the very least, you won't be targeted anymore for your bright pink 5C when it comes to thieves...

Until we faced the dreaded waiting lists for the next upgrade, let's enjoy these hilarious celebrity tweets about all things new and Apple. Enjoy!

And never to be outdone...