Does An Apple Watch For Left-Handed People Exist? Lefties, We've Got Bad News

The world is hard enough as it is for lefties, and now this. Along with two new iPhones, Apple announced its first-ever smartwatch today. A catch: Apple Watch only works for right-handed people. The wearable device comes with a laundry list of capabilities, from a Digital Crown for scrolling to a built-in heart rate sensor for monitoring your fitness, which only makes the whole thing more of a cruel joke for the left-handed population. Look at all this mind-blowing tech! ... that you can't use.

Not to dangle these in your face yet again — I swear I'm not taunting you! — but here's another recap of Apple Watch's features. The iOS-compatible watch comes in three styles, two sizes, and 11 customizable faces. The tech features include Handoff, which lets you start a message on the watch and continue on your iPhone, Apple Pay, which lets you pay for stuff from your device, an Activity app that monitors your fitness, and customizable animated emojis.

As long as you own an iPhone 5 or higher — and, oh yeah, are right-handed — you can use Apple Watch. Those who are ambidextrous can use it too, but there's probably not much those people can't do. That still leaves a pretty large slice of the pie chart who can't use the Apple Watch, and they're not happy about it.

Left-Handed People Speak Out

And the memes are also starting to roll in:

We reached out to Apple to ask whether a left-handed version will be produced, and if so, when? And more importantly, what do they have to say to all the lefties that are feeling, well, left out (no pun intended)? So far, Apple has not responded.

Image: Memecenter