7 Ways Apple Watch Will Make Your Life Easier

I highly doubt anyone with an Internet connection missed the fact that Apple officially announced the Apple Watch yesterday, so I won’t bother recapping the presentation. Instead, let’s cut to the chase: What can the Apple Watch do for you? I imagine that in the future, our lives will essentially be run by Apple Watches. They will cook our meals; they will drive our cars; they will babysit our children; they will entertain us; in short, they’ll do whatever you can possibly imagine they will do. Obviously we’re not there yet (and I’m not going to lie: I kind of hope I’m dead by the time we’re that dependent on smart devices), though, so here’s a brief summation of the more immediate things you will no longer have to do. Don’t worry. Your Apple Watch will take care of them for you.

Of course, it’s worth noting that there’s one thing the Apple Watch won’t be able to do for you: Explain why it’s not called the iWatch. You’re on your own with that. Sorry.

Anyway, here are all the things you can look forward to not having to do anymore once you get your hands on your own Apple Watch… or perhaps more accurately, when it gets itself on your hands.

Badum CHING!

... I’ll see myself out.

1. Remember Your Charger

You know those days when you leave the house knowing that your schedule is so packed that you won’t be getting back home for 16 hours… and realize as soon as you get to work that you forget to pack your charger? The Apple Watch makes this problem a thing of the past, thanks to its wireless charging system.

2. Hire a Personal Trainer

The Apple Watch is apparently going to be more health-oriented than most smart devices have hitherto been; highlights include a not-so-creatively named app called Fitness, which uses an accelerometer to track your movements and a heart sensor rate to determine how intense your workouts are. Of course, although it can give you a nudge if you’re too sedentary, it might not hold you accountable in the same way an actual person will… but I assume that Siri is going to start nagging you eventually, so really, it’s just like old times.

3. Suffer from Phantom Phone Ring

It’ll deliver a light buzz when someone’s trying to get in touch with you. Since that buzz will be administered directly to your wrist, rather than through several layers of clothing or from within a bag or backpack, you’ll likely have fewer cases of thinking your phone is ringing or buzzing when it’s not.

4. Carry Plastic

Apple Watch utilizes Apple Pay, which will allow you to use any credit card you’ve added to your iTunes account at any one of over 220,000 retailers. Who needs a wallet? Apparently there’s also a “transaction specific dynamic security code” that’ll keep your info safe… although depending on how worried you are about hackers, it may or may not make you feel better about it.

5. Worry That Your Watch Clashes With Your Outfit

No more hemming and hawing about whether your stainless steel watch strap goes with your favorite angora sweater! Six strap styles and a quick release latch mean you can customize your Apple Watch to your outfit, rather than building your outfit around your Apple Watch. The brand has come a long way from its hilarious ‘80s fashion line, haven’t it?

6. Use Your Fingers

OK, to be fair, you’ll still have to use them to some extent — but when all you need to do is tap a button on your wristwatch to activate Siri, as opposed to digging through your pocket, finding your phone, unlocking it, and pushing the home button… well, let’s just say I’ll bet she’s going to get a real workout.

7. Waste Time Hunting for the Perfect Emoji

Good news, emoji addicts: The Apple Watch actually analyzes the texts it receives and suggests responses, meaning never again will you waste precious seconds looking for precisely the right iCharacter to express how you feel. They’re even customizable. Could we be entering a golden age of emojis? Maybe!

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