'Pretty Little Liars': The Night of Wilden's Murder Gets Murkier

At the outset of Tuesday night's Pretty Little Liars, Detective Tanner makes herself cozy at the Liars’ lunch table. Ugh, I want to lunch with Tanner. Tanner reveals to the Liars that The Shoe was found among the rubble formerly known as the Fields’ living room.

The Liars flip out over The Planting of the Shoe (sequel to The Taming of the Shrew), and Spencer decides the Liars need to hang out in the crawl space ASAP. To keep Mrs. D-L occupied, Hanna will bring her on a search for the perfect hoedown outfit. Okay. Three of the Liars go to the crawl space, find a button, and get stabbed at through the preexisting holes with knitting needles. That went about as well as I thought it would.

Hanna finds a fat stack of money and a note in her locker. Apparently, someone thinks Hanna’s mom needs the money. Hanna should tell wannabe-Robin Hood that she’s got plenty of pasta boxes, but thank you kindly. She looks around frantically, and some random dude stares at her. Hey, Robin Hood.

After much lurking, Robin Hood approaches Hanna at the hoedown. His name is Travis and he did leave the money. He was at the lake the night Wilden was shot, saw Ashley get into her car after the confrontation, heard gunshots after Ashley left, and saw a blond female run away.

Travis’ dad had beef with Wilden. The money he gave Hanna was left in his truck, and a presumed a bribe. He gave the dough to Hanna because he didn’t want his dad to be incriminated in any way. Hanna convinces Travis to tell Tanner everything. YES!

Toby’s quest to find out what happened to his mom continues, but Spencer can’t handle being a liar to the other Liars, so she gives up the ghost. At the hoedown, Spencer reveals to Toby that she spilled the beans about Mom Hunt 2013. Toby storms out of the hoedown to go break into a car, per the recommendation of 'A.' Caleb follows Toby, the cops show up, and both Liar Lovers scatter.

Emily has an Ali flashback. Ali told Emily that she was a relationship assassin (whoa), but one time, things went bad, and the guy pulled a gun on her. Emily takes a page out of Spencer’s book and deduces there was a love triangle between Wilden, Jason D-L, and CeCe. Whoa, part two.

I thought I smelled some TRESemme! CeCe yells at someone on the phone in a mysterious room. She barks that she doesn’t want to go to Rosewood. And then we see a red coat draped over a chair!

Red Coat slinks around the hoedown, nothing comes of it.

Cute moments starring Aria/Jake (minus him creepily knowing her shoe size) and Emily/Paige, but whatever. We all know nothing good can stay on this show, so it’s best not to get too attached.

In a classic Aria move, she secretly goes to Ezra’s apartment to comfort him about the Malcolm and Maggie debacle. Come on, Aria. You were doing so well. I was so proud of you. The scene ends with CeCe spying on the two through the keyhole. How many seconds before Jake gets a photo of that sent to his cellular device?

The last thing we see: 'A' lines up a doll for each of the Liars plus Mona. Then, 'A' raises a knitting needle and brings it down, but we don’t see which doll she stabbed. I’m going to guess s/he stabbed her/his own hand.

Image: ABC Family