Britney Spears? More Like Chillney Spears

If you think you may try to woo Britney Spears one day, 1) O RLY, 2) don't you dare wrong her like that cheating jerkbag David Lucado did, and 3) you better pay attention to Marc Malin of E! News' scoop on what Spears' perfect first date would entail. At Tuesday's New York Fashion Week launch of Spears' lingerie line, the 32-year-old pop star told Malin what her dream first date would look like. Would-be suitors, get your pen and paper ready:

The perfect first date is going to the beach and having a picnic and going home and watching a really cool movie and then a great first kiss.

AWWWWWW. Just because Spears happens to be one of the biggest celebrities of the last 15 years doesn't mean her motto is "Extravagant first date to match my level of fame OR BUST." Bungee jumping off of a waterfall or on going on a gondola ride in Venice? That don't impress her much. (Why yes, my "fancy date" ideas were in fact inspired by The Bachelor and/or Spears' Las Vegas show.) Sounds like Godney Spears would much rather keep it chill. No, Spears' ideal first date isn't Cheetos and Frappuccinos-level chill, but it is pretty low key.

P.S. If I was at a beach and happened to see Spears in the middle of a picnic, I would faint on the spot. (My reaction would probably harsh all of her chill date vibes.)