Anna Wintour Answers 73 Questions In 'Vogue's Newest Video, Including Clearing Up That Whole Flip Phone Business

For me, a humble fashion writer who still wears sweatpants occasionally, there are few concepts more terrifying or awe-inspiring than Anna Wintour. Much like a major natural disaster, Wintour just kind of makes you want to get out of her way and watch in amazement from afar as she passes by. Yes, it's a little cliché at this point to talk about the Vogue Editor-in-Chief as a scary, mysterious figure in the fashion world, but at least when it comes to the latter characteristic, there's some truth. Wintour isn't one to talk about her personal life or address rumors (I highly doubt she has time for that, in any case), but thanks to Vogue 's "73 Questions" video series, Anna Wintour actually revealed some fun, surprising information about herself through a series of quick fire questions.

As she strolls through the Vogue offices, casually answering calls from Oscar de la Renta on speakerphone, running into Karlie Kloss in the closet (as one does), and making dinner plans with Roger Federer, it becomes easy to dismiss the video as somewhat rehearsed or stiff. However, I don't know about you guys, but it just seems like a normal day for me. Just last week I took a call from Ryan Gosling in between dress fittings. "Oh, Ryan, you know my favorite flowers are peonies. Stop calling just to hear my voice," I giggled into the receiver.

OK, so maybe Anna Wintour's daily routine in the Vogue office doesn't exactly seem realistic. But this is the Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue we're talking about, guys. Her reality is simply not something we can grasp. And that's kind of OK, because this video shows that, despite constant run-ins with celebrities and being followed around by someone with a gold tray full of Chanel sunglasses... Anna Wintour is just a regular gal like us in a lot of ways.

I mean, hey, she even says in the video that she wants to get into basketball. Whether she meant she want to play the sport (is anyone else picturing a one-on-one match between Lebron and Wintour? Or is that just me?), or simply become one of those celebrities who sits court side at games, I don't know. But it's great. Plus, thanks to the video, we now know that her favorite food is avocado. I, too, LOVE avocado. Are Wintour and I basically the same person? I would say yes.

And the woman has a flip phone. Yes, Anna Wintour has a flip phone if you haven't already heard. This means that in at least one small area of my life, I am more in tune with cutting-edge trends (I have a soon-to-be-obselete iPhone 5S) than Anna Wintour... or at least I will keep telling myself that.

See the full "73 Questions" video below, and just take some time to marvel at how fabulous she is — flip phone and all.

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