He Watches 'The O.C.' All the Time

You know how some actors claim that they never watch their own movies or that seeing themselves on screen is too cringeworthy to handle? Well, one of those actors is most definitely not Ben McKenzie. In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Gotham star Ben McKenzie admitted that he watches The O.C. every year. Like, the entire series once per year. McKenzie told the site, "Every year I sit through and watch four seasons. Bizarre? No."

That. Is. Amazing. I don't know about you, but as an O.C. fan, this makes me very happy. The O.C. is just one of those shows you can watch over and over again. (OK, the first two seasons can be watched over and over again, but you get my point.) Am I surprised that McKenzie watches the entire thing every year? Yes, because he's in the show himself and that sounds horribly awkward. But do I totally understand how he can't help but do it? Of course!

I assume that Ryan— er, McKenzie watches the series in order, but if not, I can't blame him. This show has an episode for every occasion. Getting ready for school to start back up? There's four seasons worth of back to school episodes to choose from. Going on a sailing trip? Get inspiration from Seth Cohen. Having a holiday celebration that needs to be inclusive of two religions? The Chrismukkah episodes are for you! As for McKenzie's role specifically, there are plenty of Ryan Atwood moments that I'm sure he loves to relive. Here are a few that must bring tears onto his favorite white tank top:

Ryan Gets Welcomed to The O.C.

Luke!!! Nooooooo!!!

Ryan & Marissa Meet

Wow. He was never believable as a high school student, but it was totally OK. I wonder if Ben McKenzie thinks that when he watches?

Ryan Kisses Marissa on New Year's Eve

Best use of slow-motion in television history.

Ryan Can't Say "I Love You"

"Thank you?!" Classic.

Ryan Makes Everyone Have "Hide & Seek" Stuck in Their Heads for the Rest of 2005

Mmmmm whatcha saaaaay? I blame you for that epidemic, McKenzie.

Ryan Carries Marissa's Body Out of the Car Wreck

He HAS to cry at this part, right?

Ryan Becomes an Architect & Spots a Kid in a Hoodie

The series finale was as cheesy as it could possibly be, but it still was pretty amazing that he actually became an architect. And he has a suitcase! Oh, he came such a long way!

Watch on, Ben. Watch on.