We've Got A 'Mockingjay' Trailer Teaser

Katniss Everdeen really doesn't like roses. That's fair, of course, considering they've become a symbol of her battle against an evil dictator. And now Katniss' distaste for the breed of flower is at the center of the new teaser for the upcoming Mockingjay, Part 1 trailer. Yes, it would appear that we are now teasing trailers. This newest tease can be added to the many teasers that have already come our way during Lionsgate's slow but sure ramp-up to Mockingjay, and it's equipped with about five more seconds of footage of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

This teaser does manage to be mighty cryptic for its short timeframe, though: Donald Sutherland's President Snow delivers a voiceover warning Katniss that "it’s the things we love most that destroy us." Add that to the wilting roses, which book readers will know comes from (spoiler?) Katniss' visit to her decimated home District 12.

The actual full-length trailer will reportedly be dropped come Monday, so it's possible we'll be getting more mini-teases like this in the countdown to it. The trailer itself seems likely to have a lot more Katniss action going on.

While we wait, let us all just rejoice that Lawrence's Mockingjay wig seems to be holding up. My poor heart can't stand to see her go the way of Twilight Saga: Eclipse Kristen Stewart.

Image: Lionsgate