Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC Apartment Is For Sale, And It's Packed Full of Stuff You'd See On 'SATC'

If you've been thinking to yourself, "Hey, I should probably buy a $22 million house sometime soon," well, your moment has come. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's Greenwich Village brownstone is on the market. But if you are thinking that Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick are selling because they're moving out of New York City, think again. This $22 million gem isn't actually the home that they live in full time. Naturally. Broderick and Parker bought the now for-sale brownstone in 2011 for $19 million as what we can assume is a real estate investment. Their live-in apartment is also located in Greenwich Village.

The seriously impressive home is 6,800 square feet and includes super necessary amenities like a full-time doorman, Victorian fireplaces, and a marble bathtub. And now, for just $22 million, it can be yours. You, too, can walk where Carrie Bradshaw once walked. I mean, even if she didn't live there full-time, we have to assume she was in the house at least once, right?

Also, one of the realtors on the job? Fredrik Eklund, who, if you don't already know, is a main personality (emphasis on personality) on Bravo's reality show Million Dollar Listing New York. I guess that makes sense. We can only assume that Eklund is very excited about this.

Semi-celebrity realtor aside, this is a big deal because this isn't just Sarah Jessica Parker's former non-lived-in house we're talking about, guys. This is somewhere Carrie Bradshaw has walked (what? Carrie Bradshaw is not the same entity as SJP? Nonsense). Naturally, what this means is that there should be a thorough and intense analysis of the for-sale home and find the most SATC/Carrie Bradshaw approved items throughout. It only makes sense.

1. The Outside

I mean, look at it. If that doesn't say "the most chic New Yorker who ever lived," what does?

2. Random Ping Pong Table

Carrie wasn't exactly athletic, but I can just see Samantha coming over to Carrie's apartment and saying "What the hell is that doing here?" to have Carrie reply, "Oh, I don't know. Big thought it might be fun to have here." Cut to three episodes later when shoes are strewn all over said ping pong table.

3. This Bathtub

Although I've always seen Carrie as more of a claw foot tub gal, this bathtub certainly is a little extreme and a tad bit eccentric, which, if we're being honest here, is exactly what Carrie's sense of style was all about.

4. Massive Dining Room Table

This scene is just SO Samatha. Why? I can imagine that a cutting-edge, chic interior designer was hired to put it together. Let's face it, Samantha has the money for it, and absolutely ZERO time or patience to decorate herself. So there you have it. She will eventually have sex on top of the table, as well. Obviously.


This one is entirely self-explanatory.

6. This Furry Chair Thing

This giant fur ball chair is SO Carrie. It looks chic, while also loking very, very weird. Like a human-size Furby of sorts. But Carrie would like it. Hey, she might even wear a version of it at some point. That's just how she is.

7. Charlotte Would Live Here

Pristine, styled, bright, and comfortable. I can see Charlotte urging Samantha, Miranda and Carrie to take off their shoes before they dirty the carpet now.

8. Couch + View

Carrie stares out the window, typing on her laptop as her voice plays in the scene: "But maybe not all of us have our Prince Charming. Maybe we are our own Prince Charmings. Maybe that's what I needed to see when I went home with him last night. Maybe that's what we all need to see..." *voice gently fades out as Carrie stares intently out at the NYC street*

9. Let's Just Go Back To The Closet

I think we just all needed to take another look at how fabulous this is. That's all.

Images: Douglas Elliman Real Estate (10)