4 Badass Body Image Websites to Help Redefine How You Feel In Your Own Skin

Although we still have a longgggggggg way to go in terms of combating the harmful body standards that permeate our media, the Internet can be a one of the best places to find powerful positive messages about body image. If you're a little fatigued by the "summer beach body" language that's everywhere during the warm weather months, take a break to read some empowering words that are designed to make you feel good about you and your body. Here are some of my favorite places to do just that.

Adios Barbie: This site bills itself as "the body image site for every body." Run by a kickass team of women, Adios Barbie has been on the internet for well over a decade. I appreciate that the content runs the gamut from body positivity to posts that question race and class.

Beauty Redefined: This site, run by two sisters who just received their Ph.Ds in Communication, is dedicated to "taking back beauty for females everywhere." The authors of the site hope to teach women how to recognize harmful media messages (always helpful!). The blog has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but their archives are always worth a read through.

Fit and Feminist : You know how people always say stuff like, "For me, fitness isn't about losing weight; it's about being strong?" Well, the blogger behind Fit and Feminist epitomizes that rhetoric... and not in a fake way. This is hands down one of the smartest and most thoughtful fitness blogs to follow, especially if you're beyond tired of the faux body-positive #fitspiration of the healthy blogosphere.

Redefining Body Image: Put this image-driven blog in your tumblr dashboard right now, because it's a great way to get a little bit of diverse, forward-thinking body positivity in your day. I love how openminded Redefining Body Image is about race, gender, and mental illness.