Her Tribute to Her Mom Was Perfect

Hollywood icon Joan Rivers was laid to rest on Sunday, Sept. 7. It was, just as Rivers would have wanted, a star-studded affair (minus the Harry Winston-designed toe tag, as the comedian once claimed she desired at her funeral). Celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Diane Sawyer, and Barbara Walters were there to pay their respects; Hugh Jackman sang "Quiet Please, There's a Lady on Stage;" and Howard Stern, Cindy Adams, and Deborah Norville delivered three of the eulogies. But the eulogy delivered by Joan's daughter, Melissa Rivers, took the cake. Melissa read an excerpt from a book she has coming out in April, A Letter to My Mom, and man, would Joan have been proud.

Apparently, Joan had been staying with Melissa once a week when she flew in from New York to tape E!'s Fashion Police. She evidently didn't like the accommodations her daughter provided her with and constantly complained. In the excerpt, Melissa addresses Joan's complaints. Here, what are, in my opinion, the three best parts.

Re: Your fellow "tenant" (your word), [my 13-year-old son] Cooper. While I trust you with him, it is not OK for you to undermine my rules. It is not OK that you let him have chips and ice cream for dinner. It is not OK that you let him skip school to go to the movies. And it is really not OK that the movie was Last Tango in Paris.
Brendon Thorne/Getty Images News/Getty Images
I think it's great that you're entertaining more often, but I can't keep fielding complaints from the neighbors about your noisy party games like Ring Around the Walker or naked Duck, Duck Caregiver.
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In closing, I hope I have satisfactorily answered your complaints and queries. I love having you live with me, and I am grateful for every minute Cooper and I have with you. You are an inspiration. You are also 30 days late with the rent.

Love this. In one small excerpt, Melissa manages to sum up the great relationship Joan had with her grandson; the fun-loving, banter-rife relationship she had with her daughter; and what a truly wonderful, inspiring mother she was. Absolutely perfect.

You can read Melissa's full eulogy for her mother here.

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