'Gilmore Girls' Is Headed to Netflix So Here Are 15 Episodes We Can't Wait to Rewatch

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It might not be reasonable to become as excited about an addition to Netflix as I was made today. But this is an important development, people: Netflix is adding Gilmore Girls come October. ARE YOU READY?

Fun fact: I already own all of Gilmore Girls on DVD, largely thanks to the friends and family who just wouldn't stop gifting it to me until I had it all. I am grateful to them and to my collection. But I have always pined for Gilmore on Netflix. And now it's happening. Imagine: The luxury of being able to just open a tab and quickly navigate to a favorite scene, a favorite reference, a favorite episode. Here are the episodes we can't wait to rewatch.

Please abide me by cueing up "Where You Lead" while we walk through this together.

Images: Warner Bros.

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