There’s Still Time to Catch Up on ‘TVD’ Goodness

My inner-child can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m so glad summer is over. Don’t get me wrong — I love beautiful, sunny weather, frozen drinks, and fun-filled beach days as much as the next person. It's just that, I simply love my fall TV shows even more. After three long, excruciating months, our beloved fall shows and characters are finally going to reemerge themselves into our lives, leaving our hearts almost as full as our DVRs. And while I’m more than ready to welcome back a ton of old favorites, there’s one series in particular I’m most looking forward to sinking my teeth back into. I’m referring, of course, to Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries .

I mean, sexy vampires… supernatural shenanigans… hot and steamy hook-ups — what’s not to love? However, I’m sure there are a few of you out there who have fallen a slightly behind in the series — probably due to the fact that you have an actual life outside of TV. (What's that like, BTW?) But there’s no need to fret. You still have plenty of time to catch up on all that vampire goodness before the TVD Season 6 premiere on Oct. 2. (Just be sure to avoid stumbling across any spoilers or at least compel yourself to forget them if you do.) All you need to get started is a strong internet connection and the ability to follow these simple instructions…

Be Direct Like Caroline and Go Right to the Source

This is great for if you’re only a few episodes behind. The CW has been kind enough to leave the last five episodes posted on CWTV.com. All you need to do is find The Vampire Diaries page and you’ll be guaranteed to get all caught up in no time, which is exactly the kind of punctuality Miss Forbes likes to see.

Make Like Elena and Own the Situation

If you really want to see the show badly enough, coughing up some cash is always a possibility. Whether you’re looking to pay per episode or per season, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu provide their customers with either option. So do as Elena does and take life by the fangs (or, in this case, by the credit card). After all, what’s a little money in exchange for some quality time with these Mystic Falls hotties?

Pull a Stefan and Rip(per) Right Through YouTube

Unfortunately, Netflix is of little use to you in this situation, given that subscribers only currently have access to Seasons 1-4. In fact, Season 5 reportedly won’t start being made available until Season 6’s premiere day. Not exactly convenient for those trying to play catch-up, is it? So that forces you to get a little creative. I’ll admit, it’s not ideal, but there are a ton of Season 5 clips on YouTube that you can try and piece together. Plus, it probably wouldn’t be the first time you’ve tumbled down a YouTube rabbit hole. Just be sure to find your way back to reality come Oct. 2.

Follow Damon’s Lead and Just Google the Cliff Notes

Maybe you’re on a tight schedule and don’t necessarily have time to watch all of the episodes in their entirety. In that case, you can always browse the internet for basic recaps/summaries regarding what you’ve missed. It’s not ideal and certainly doesn’t allow you the opportunity to stare longing at certain characters. But as Damon understands all too well — desperate times call for desperate measures.

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; Wifflegif (4)