The Olive Garden Black Market We All Saw Coming

Earlier this week, Olive Garden's Never-Ending Pasta Pass made some hungry souls very happy. For $100, the pass allows lucky patrons to gorge on as much Fettuccine Alfredo as their hearts desire for almost two months. Unfortunately for most people, only about 1,000 lucky individuals were able to get their hands on one of those passes before they sold out. The good news? You now have a second chance to get your own…if you’re willing to pay double the price, that is.

As any frequent Internet user probably saw coming, a thriving black market for Olive Garden’s unlimited pasta passes has sprung up online overnight. eBay currently holds dozens of listings from around the country selling the passes, with prices that range anywhere from just a little bit over the original selling cost ($110) to ridiculously inflated (around $300). That’s right…$300 for the opportunity to stuff your face with as much Bolognese as you can possibly hold. This is America, people.

Of course, some may think getting the chance to walk in Olive Garden like a royal merits dropping that kind of cash. But you may also want to keep in mind that eating $100 worth of the chain’s pasta in just a few weeks is a feat in itself. To make your $300 back, you’d probably have to bring a sleeping bag in and set up camp in one of their booth tables.

Not to mention, there's also a chance that you won't actually be able to use your secondary-market pass. Olive Garden reportedly isn't very happy with the reselling of the passes. Per CNN, they're working with eBay to try to prevent future online sales of the pass and "make things right." Meanwhile, any sucker, I mean person, who has already bought one online is advised to call the company to figure out if and how they can use the pass.

So, like I said, is dropping a couple hundred bucks really worth the risk (and the terrible stomachache, should your pass get honored)? Your call.

Source: Olive Garden