Being A Crazy Cat Lady Is Now High Fashion

by Jamie Cuccinelli

Cat ladies often get a pretty bad rap: unbrushed hair, bathrobe and slippers, a forever alone hashtag, no friends, no boyfriends, no job... just a lot of cats. And possibly some wine. If there’s anything that the Internet taught us, however, is that the cat ladies of today are fashion-forward and culturally conscious trend-setters. I mean, seriously, in the past few years an affection for kitties has become as Tumblr-trendy as tiny little tattoos, high-waisted shorts, and inappropriate Native American headdresses. So now, of course, those often beautiful, young, and put-together feline fans are getting their own cat lady fashion magazine, Puss Puss.

Puss Puss (umm, that name though…) has promised not to be the average kitty magazine. This ain't your grandma's Cat Fancy. There will be no Best Of: Kitty Litter lists or cat costume DIY ideas of any kind. Instead, the publication focuses on fashion elites and mavens who just so happen to snuggle up to purring, furry friends once they kick off the Manolo Blahniks, and it aims to turn that crazy cat lady stereotype on its head. “Puss Puss is a new stylish publication for culture, fashion, music, and catlovers,” boasts the company’s website. So basically, it’s full of noted cat enthusiasts who are probably more fashionable than you. Ok, got it.

The launch issue of Puss Puss features model Anja Konstantinova showing off her kitty-inspired tattoos (because it doesn’t get much trendier than that), as well as interview with Ai Weiwei (a leading artist and activist who just happens to have 30-ish cats). We also get celebrities' kitties, an essay on the history of leopard print, fashion spreads and stories, and feline photos from the Vogue UK creative director. Albeit still a little quirky (but hey, that’s a good thing, right?) the cat-lovers of Puss Puss should shut up discriminators in no time with the mag’s stunning photography, exclusive interviews, intelligent articles, and its slew of famous fashion creatives. See, cat-lovers are just like us: smart, stylish, and sophiscated. They just happen to have a bit of hair on their little black dress.

If you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy, why not check out some of these classic and current, beautiful celebs and their furry feline friends. See! You’re not alone!

Images: Fotolia; PussPussMagazine, pusspussmag/Instagram