James Franco Is Heading to Reality TV Now, Because Of Course He Is

Having trouble keeping up with all of the projects James Franco is working on? Oh, just you and the rest of the world. Really, I'm not sure what he's even doing now — is it art? Music, with his band Daddy? His book deal? One of the many movies he's attached to star and/or direct in? Producing? Screenwriting? His column on VICE? Teaching his class at USC? Yeah, there's probably more, but I'm getting tired just writing this out right now so I'm going to leave it at that. Basically, it's a lot of projects!

Luckily of all of us, James Franco seems to know that the world is having trouble keeping up with all of his side-projects, which is why he's taking on another project that will thoroughly explain all of the projects he's working on. Because OF COURSE HE IS. According to Indiewire, Franco has just closed a deal with Ovation for a new show called James Franco Presents, which will feature 10 one-hour episodes that each explain a different side-project of his. There will be a lot of "unseen footage" shot by Franco himself because ART, and he'll be executive producing because he's actually a robot who doesn't need any sleep true story.

I'm sure I don't need to point out how totally meta it is that James Franco just added another project that will explain all of the projects he's working on, thus only making him busier — James Franco probably knows this, and that's probably why he's doing it. And we're all going to watch anyway, if only to figure out how the hell he does it all (robot, seriously).