See First Images of Alexander Wang For H&M

In case you haven't heard, Alexander Wang is designing a guest collection for H&M. Fashionistas have no doubt set reminders in their iPhones and have resorted to wishing the days away, praying that November 6 would hurry up and get here. The Alexander Wang for H&M collection is bound to sell out in two seconds and I expect lines to wrap around the stores that stock these items for days before they go on sale. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there was hair pulling and if physical battles ensued over some of these Wang for H&M pieces.

It's going to be every style maven for herself amidst hysteria and mania come November 6. Suit up in your armor, ladies. This is one fast fashion collab that breaks all the rules.

Here's what we know: This intriguing range boasts an athletic aesthetic; is constructed of thick, black, white, and gray fabric; and is full of futuristic volume. Wang makes gym-inspired gear and bulky coats look luxe — and I'm one of those people who thinks sweats are for working out only.

Since the advance images of the A. Wang x H&M collection landed online, the Twitterverse has expressed mixed emotions towards them. I saw tweets ranging from "I want every piece" to "Not impressed." Personally, I'm such a fan of his work that I want to see and feel these pieces ASAP and I'd plunk down the cash for them.

There's a coat that looks scuba gear-ish; there's a voluminous, pebbled, and cropped sweatshirt; and branded tights that look painted on. Rihanna wore them first, of course, and they might even inspire you to sign up for a few extra spin classes.

All in all, the pieces in these carefully presented editorial images look incredibly high end — even more so than most fast-fashion collaborations. Wang has created a collection that looks expensive and adheres closely to his design aesthetic. He may very well be #Winning with this high-low collab.

Get a look at some of the pieces below.