11 Perfect Sandwiches You’ll Actually Want to Bring to Work For Lunch

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It’s time to step up your sandwich game. There’s nothing wrong, of course, with bringing peanut butter and jelly to work three days in a row. It’s the same kind of sandwich you’ve been eating all your life, which is perfectly respectable — but also a little sad. Like that kale salad you made yourself eat once. The bottom line? You can do better.

This week, don’t even think about hitting up the deli next door. From classic caprese to elegant tea sandwiches, we rounded up the most mouthwatering, delectable recipes that go way beyond ham and cheese. Everything’s fair game: Whether you opt for white bread or rye, fresh mozzarella or last night’s leftovers — you’re in for the best sandwiches in the history of desk lunches. Ready? Let’s go make your coworkers jealous.

Image: Joy the Baker

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