Use Your Apple Picking Leftovers For 3 Beauty DIYs

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For me, family annual traditions are generally a total yawn, solely on the fact that I find traditions to be both repetitive and smothering. There is one ritual, however, that I will travel on an unsafe bus or spend too much money on a car rental for: apple picking. A long-standing tradition for many New Englanders in the fall is to head to one of the many apple farms to pick a delicious variety of apples. And, of course, this leads to an annual problem as well: How on earth am I supposed to eat 70 apples before they rot? Never fear, my fellow natural beauty buffs, you can use apples for healthy skin and hair as well.

Each year, my parents will go apple picking without coordinating with my sister and I, and suddenly there are about 100 apples to consume between the four of us. And I have an allergy to the delicious fruits when I consume them — I am strictly here to climb trees, guys. This year, you won't have to get creative about gorging on apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, since an apple a day can keep your skin clear and your hair growing as well if you have the right DIY beauty recipes.

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Apples are filled with antioxidants that our bodies need to fight premature signs of aging, and since apples (green apples especially) are so incredibly moisturizing, they have the ability to increase our skin's elasticity, smoothing unwanted lines on our face. If you are looking to add another brightener to your list of natural dark-spot remedies, Granny Smith is your girl for naturally lightening acne spots and dark circles. Plus, the fibers that can feel a little heavy in your tummy after apple number two help even out your overall skin texture.

Since apples contain vitamins A, B, and C, you can be sure that this fall fruit is going to be the jam in your skin and hair routine. Here are three recipes that will give your skin and hair serious moisture on the upcoming crisp, fall nights.

Apple, Honey, & Sage Mask

To make a superior face mask that controls oil and zaps acne, use half an apple and two tablespoons of raw organic honey — honey is a great natural cleanser. Leave the skin on the fruit (that's where most of the nutrients live) and blend or puree the apple before you add in the honey. Last, add about a two to three drops of sage essential oil.

Apple Hair Rinse

Looking to promote some serious hair growth? A green apple can be the miracle you were looking for. These apples contain B-2 and have arguably one of the highest antioxidant levels of any other fruit. In fact, a recent study found that apples generated new hair growth in 70 percent of 21 of the 29 men who participated in the study. Puree a green apple and add in 2 to 3 drops of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary is known to promote hair growth as well and the combination makes for an intoxicating scent that I personally don't mind having in my hair.

Teeth Whitener

Before you throw all your apples in a blender and think you can reap all the benefits without actually eating one, check yourself: Chomping down on a couple of apples a day is going to keep the dentist away. Remember, apples are a natural brightener that produces incredible results and this goes for when applied topically AND when you eat them.