What To Do With All Your Old Tiffany Jewelry

by May Sofi

If you were a teenage girl growing up in the early 2000s you probably owned a piece (or five pieces) of Tiffany & Co’s iconic silver jewelry. Those years of middle school were a confusing time, a time that paved the way for the rest of your grade school reputation. But if you flaunted a shiny "Please Return To Tiffany & Co" plaque on your neck or wrist, you strutted down the halls with pride, confident in your spot at the peak of the social ladder. It was like a status symbol.

Counting down the days to your Bat Mitzvah, you would dream of unveiling that chic teal and white box to reveal a matching heart tag necklace and bracelet set. Over the years, as you matured and the fad of the bad Tiffany's disappeared (thankfully), those "925" pieces became irrelevant and outdated. What to do with all this silver that’s been collecting dust in the back of your dresser for over a decade? There are some great ways to make new from the old and make those charm bracelets cool again. Here are three ways to refurnish and repurpose the most iconic Tiffany’s silver jewelry pieces for 2014 and beyond.

1. Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet

Let’s be real: Charm bracelets are so over, especially ones with heart shaped pendants. The link chain, however, is still pretty cool. All you need to make this oldie new and cool again is a thin piece of leather to interlace into the chain. Bam — you’ve got a Chanel handbag on your wrist.

2. Multi Charm Bracelet

What about all those other charms that have piled up over the years? It seemed like with every birthday came another charm leading to a sea full of pocket sized purses, high heels and crowns. Pimp out your denim and leather with studded embellishments in the form of Tiffany's charms.

3. Crossed Heart Stud Earrings

This iconic crossed-heart design came in all types, from earrings to necklaces to rings. Every Tiffany's lover had some form of this style. Why not make this outdated stud a bit more modern and morph it into a chain back earring? Savvy DIYers at P.S. I Made This show how to make your own chain back earrings from a simple pair of studs. All it takes is a chain, jump rings and pliers.