David Cassidy Arrested for Drunk Driving by Cop Named Tom Jones (Kaboom)

Bad news for a beloved '70s icon: TMZ is reporting that David Cassidy was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving in upstate New York early this morning. The above is his mugshot, in case you haven't guessed already.

There aren't many details, but what is known is that Cassidy was driving with his highbeams on, and this alerted the officer to pull him over. When he did, the officer smelled alcohol on Cassidy's breath, and administered a breathalyzer exam which came back as a .1—above the New York legal limit of 0.08 for adults over 21. Cassidy was promptly arrested, and carted off to jail.

Also, sidenote: The officer's name was Tom Jones, which means Tom Jones arrested David Cassidy. The '70s just spontaneously combusted.

Cassidy has been arrested for drunk driving before: Back in 2010, he got a DUI in Florida when police measured his BAC to be 0.14, and found a "half-empty bottle of bourbon under [a] seat" in his Mercedes. Because of those prior charges, Cassidy is facing felony drunk driving, which could potentially result in jail time. For now, though, he's been released on a $2,500 bail.

According to TMZ, Cassidy's stepmom, Shirley Jones, recently said that Cassidy is a "troubled man" struggling to "conquer his demons."