David Cameron Promises To "Destroy" ISIS After Execution Of British Citizen David Haines


Following the murder of humanitarian relief worker David Cawthorne Haines, British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to "destroy" ISIS, the nihilistic terrorist group causing violence throughout Iraq and Syria. Cameron, who recently joined President Barack Obama in a call for an international fight against ISIS, held an emergency cabinet meeting at his residence Sunday morning. But despite standing in alliance with Obama and the United States, it's unclear if Cameron will order military strikes against the reigning terrorist group.

Cameron released a thorough statement Sunday morning, memorializing Haines as a "British hero," denouncing ISIS as "monsters" and outlining the ways in which the United Kingdom is taking action against the terrorists:

Similar to Obama's Wednesday night address, Cameron laid out his plan of action, which, unsurprisingly, mirrors Obama's strategy. Cameron said he will support the regional Kurdish government — a persecuted minority group in Iraq — with supplies and ammo in their fight against ISIS. The prime minister also plans to mobilize the United Nations, as well as support humanitarian efforts for those displaced by the brutal crisis.

However, Cameron made no definitive statements on carrying out airstrikes against ISIS targets. The prime minister emphasized his support for the ongoing U.S. military operations, adding that British Tornadoes and surveillance aircraft have been helping the U.S. with intelligence and logistics. Any direct British military action has yet to be taken.

Cameron said:

"This is not something we can do on our own, we have to work with the rest of the world," Cameron added, reiterating the plea he and Obama made to other European nations at the NATO summit earlier this month.

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Although the U.S. is leading this fight against ISIS, it's clear that the U.K. has also become a target for the terrorist group. The leading suspect in the ISIS executions of hostages is believed to be a British-born rapper, and ISIS members may have other ties to the U.K.

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