The Richard Nicoll Glowing Dress Looks Like Edward Cullen Getting a Tan and These 7 Other Things

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Sequins can officially just give up, because the world has entered a new age of sparkly textiles. At his S/S 2015 fashion show, Richard Nicoll showed a glowing dress that left the jaws of fashion-folk everywhere on the floor. How did the British designer achieve this feat of fashion optics? According to Grazia Daily, this leading piece of Nicoll's Tinkerbell-inspired collection was made of mirrored perspex. The result is a dress fit for an intergalactic flapper on her way to the most rockin' New Years Eve party in the cosmos.

It's mind-blowing, it's surreal, and it reminds me of those funky little fiber optic wands I used to play with as a child. Let's count down all the things that this bravura work of space-age textiles looks like.

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