In Other News: Muffin Top Cupcakes, Taser iPhone Covers, And Sunny's Suspicious Past

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You know that Bradley Manning leaked a lot of classified documents, and, as of today, he'll be spending a decent chunk of his life in prison for it. But do you know exactly what were in the documents he provided to WikiLeaks, and the impact of their being made public?

Spike Lee is raising money for his new film on Kickstarter, and in an effort to garner more attention to that end, he's updated his list of top films to include more female directors. Good work, Spikey.

A school bus teeming with young girls overturned in Kansas. There were no critical injuries reported, but at least eight girls were taken to hospital.

He's only been in the White House for about five minutes, but New York Magazine has already run a 'profile' on the life and times of puppy Sunny Obama.

So Louis C.K. discovered a body in Manhattan's East River. We don't know what to say about this, except that it happened, and then he told David Letterman about it in lieu of a therapist.

There's a "blue moon" hanging out in the sky at the moment — but what exactly is it?

People re actually eating tapeworms to lose weight. This PSA tells you that might kill you and you really should stop. Thanks.

In a couple of months, you'll be able to get these muffin-top molds. Brillant.

On Medium right now, a blogger really wants to teach the homeless how to code. Some people think maybe we should, like, give them shelters instead.

Speaking of. In Manhattan's Upper West Side, a new building has both "rich" and "poor" entrances.

Dr. Phil is under fire for posting this now-deleted Tweet: "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused." Time to be Oprah-shamed.

Remember that Facebook hacker who broke into Zuck's account to point out that there was a bug letting users do just that? Well, Facebook refused to pay him for his discovery, so crowdsourcing has stepped in with $11,000.

According to a new survey, Americans don't have much 90s nostalgia at all. Are the Spice Girls not a beautiful memory for everyone?!

When you listen to Spotify and Pandora, are you seriously screwing over songwriters, and just how bad should you feel about that?

You should probably feel bad about flying with Delta, too, because this one time they apparently killed a cat.

And while we're on the subject — move over, Al Jazeera America. BuzzFeed now has BuzzFeed Cat Internet. That's a whole page for cats.

Speaking of regrets, there now exists a smartphone cover with a taser in it, because that's not a drunk accident waiting to happen at all.