'Gotham' Detective Jim Gordon & 'The O.C.'s Ryan Atwood Have A Lot in Common — Besides Ben McKenzie

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I don't know about you guys, but to me, Fox almost seems worried. Day after day I keep seeing these promos for their Batman origin story, Gotham, and I'm like, "OK, OK, you don't have to twist my arm around. I'll watch, I promise." I feel like they're really nervous none of us are going to watch it, so we're bombarded with more and more promos reminding us to watch it, and this in turn just makes us more excited. Maybe this is the television circle of life.

I'm also excited for another big reason. 11 years ago, someone special came into my life. His name was Ben McKenzie and he played the brooding Ryan Atwood on FOX's The O.C., which instantly became my favorite TV show. Ryan had this serious and sometimes mysterious quality to him, which only made fans love the reformed bad boy more. He started off in a white tank top with floppy, sandy colored hair and he got punched multiple times in the first episode. Be still, my heart.

Now McKenzie is back on Fox with Gotham. Detective Jim Gordon might be a far cry from troublemaker Ryan, but I think the two are a lot more alike than they initially seem. Both of them are good people on the inside, whether partying hard with doomed Marissa or bonding with a tiny Bruce Wayne.

Need more proof? Here's why Ryan and Gordon are both the kind of hero their city needs.

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