9 Times Drake Was A Not-So-Secret Nerd

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

If music were a school playground, Drake would be the kid sitting in the corner writing romantic love poems to his crush, endlessly teased by the bigger kids and never catching a break for being a generally sweet and sensitive guy. Drake is the Tina Belcher of rap: he's poetic, he's sensual, and he really seems to like butts. Sadly for Drake, he tends to get made fun of a lot for his romantic, somewhat emotional introspective lyrics, and for being "soft", i.e. a former teen actor-turned rapper. In the past, Drake has spoken out against his Revenge of the Nerds personal storyline in an effort to break away from his lonely-nice-guy image, but lately it seems he's turned a corner and started embracing his inner nerd.

In recent a display of unprecedented, completely shameless and unabashed nerdiness, Drake uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram that features him Photoshopped into a Harry Potter scene. The caption reads, “Me at Hogwarts scheming on Hermione. #DrakeOMalfoy #Can’tStandMuggles.” Let it be known: Drake reads Harry Potter (and he also, maybe has a lot of time on his hands). Let the memes begin.

It's great to see Drake really embrace his inner nerd and make a commitment to this thing. Hopefully, this is the first of many shameless nerd-outs to come from Drake. In celebration of Drake's coming into his full-fledged nerdiness, let's reflect on all the times Drake was a not-so-secret nerd:

The time he posted a picture of himself as Drake-O Malfoy:


The time he was really into cosplay...

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No judgement.

The time he wrote a really sweet song about side pieces:

Side pieces need love too.

When he tweeted his love for strawberry margs:

Started from the straw-ber-ita...

When he was very concerned about lint...

And wanted to aggressively remove it at a basketball game.

Those times he was the proudest girlfriend:


When he said he didn't want any new friends...

and gave himself a bunch of new nicknames.

The time he did this:

Is that...air guitar?

When he looked like this in high school:

Bling Bling JJ always winz.

Images: Getty (1); Rangefear/Reddit (1); Drake/ Instagram (1); Giphy (1); Lauren Nostro/ Complex (1); Drake/October's Very Own