See What Inspires These 7 CEOs Each Morning

By L'Oreal
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The morning is a time for fresh starts. For some, this means getting caught up on sleep so you can be productive during the day. For others — a time for doing your best power pose and building confidence before heading out to your job in a male-dominated industry. Whatever your habits, there's probably not a right way to start your day — but if you're looking to maximize productivity and balance in your life, you might take a tip or two from the incredibly successful women below.

Bustle partnered with L'Oréal (the sponsor of this article) to ask a few of our favorite female CEOs and cofounders to tell us the essentials of their morning routine and what inspires them when they look in the mirror. Get inspired by their examples and the morning mantra each has chosen that boosts their mood as the day's just beginning.

Edited by Dani Fankhauser.

Images: Hahn Nguyen; Annabel Acton; Diana Melencio; Lori Tiernan; Alisha Golden; Carrie Mantha; Mariya Nurislamova

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