Who Is Steve Conley? Josh & Jim Bob Duggar's Trainer Might Be Familiar To Football Fans

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Throughout the past few seasons of 19 Kids and Counting , Josh and Jim Bob Duggar have been shown trying to improve their health. Josh has said in the past that he ate like his wife Anna did during each of her three pregnancies, causing him to gain weight that was difficult to lose. This Tuesday's episode of the TLC reality series will show Josh's weight loss attempts again, as he gets a surprise visit from his personal trainer, Steve Conley.

However, Steve's no ordinary personal trainer, and if Josh plans on sneaking any cheat meals, he should probably hire somebody who's going to be a bit more lenient. I wouldn't be surprised if he totally cracked under the pressure, because Conley is not messing around.

Here's what you need to know about the man who wants to help Josh reach his fitness goals.

Image: JoshDuggar/Instagram

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