‘Hipmoji’ App Gives You All the Hipster Emojis You Never Knew You Wanted

BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 21: A visitor uses her finger as an ironic Hipster moustache at the second annual Hipster Olympics on July 21, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. With events such as the 'Horn-Rimmed Glasses Throw,' 'Skinny Jeans Tug-O-War,' 'Vinyl Record Spinning Contest' and 'Cloth Tote Sack Race,' the Hipster Olympics both mocks and celebrates the Hipster subculture, which some critics claim could never be accurately defined and others that it never existed in the first place. The imprecise nature of determining what makes one a member means that the symptomatic elements of adherants to the group vary in each country, but the archetype of the version in Berlin, one of the more popular locations for those following its lifestyle, along with London and Brooklyn, includes a penchant for canvas tote bags, the carbonated yerba mate drink Club Mate, analogue film cameras, asymetrical haircuts, 80s neon fashion, and, allegedly, a heavy dose of irony. To some in Berlin, members of the hipster 'movement' have replaced a former unwanted identity in gentrifying neighborhoods, the Yuppie, for targets of criticism, as landlords raise rents in the areas to which they relocate, particularly the up-and-coming neighborhood of Neukoelln. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)
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You know, I thought I’d just about run out of things to say about emojis — but I was wrong. Apparently I’ve just been waiting for something like Hipmoji to come along, because guess what? The emoji floodgates have opened again, and this time, they’re sending a whole bunch of hipster-themed emojis our way. And yes, they’re just as funny as you think they are.

Available only for the iPhone (because everyone knows hipsters use exclusively Apple devices), Hipmoji features a small yet formidable selection of iMessage images allowing you to fully embrace your love of ironic mustaches and PBR. When I say “small,” I’m not kidding — I only count 22 Hipmojis total — but what they lack in number, they make up for in hilarity. I mean, how else are you going to text someone some bubble tea? Or Flappy Bird? Or a pair of TOMS?

The best part, though, is this: The app is good for more than just regular ol’ text messages. You can also add Hipmojis to photos and share them with all your friends via social media, email, and more. One of my cats graciously agreed to demonstrate this remarkable function, so here — check out what she looks like in a pair of slightly ill-fitting Wayfarers:

And in an extremely tiny version of Pharrell’s Hat:

Best. App feature. EVER.

As evinced by Hipmoji, iDiversicons, and all those other wacky apps we’ve been seeing pop up lately, clearly there’s a market for themed emojis. What do you think will get the iMessage treatment next? I’ve got a few suggestions for anyone looking to break into the emoji market, so should any of these apps become a thing, just remember: You saw ‘em here first.

1. Foodiemoji

All food, all the time. The emoji diet would probably be a lot easier to stick to with an app like this.

2. Nerdmoji

Options include Mjolnir, Gandalf’s Hat, an Xbox controller, the TARDIS, and Wil Wheaton’s Beard.

3. Catmoji

Because obviously cats who own their own iPads need their own emojis, too.

4. Bookmoji

Intended for the bookworms of the world, Bookmojis provides readers everywhere with tiny, digital pictures of their favorite works of literature. How else are you going to adequately express your love of Atlas Shrugged or To the Lighthouse?

5. Emergenmoji

Emojis for emergency situations. These iMessage images have the distinction of being the only practical emoji program in existence, including one-click access to 911 and other emergency systems.

6. Nomoji

Think of Nomoji as the anti-emoji app: It has the ability to wipe every single emoji off your phone. I don’t know how exactly it would work, or if it’s even possible — but if you never want to look at another emoji again, Nomoji has you covered.

Images: Hipmoji/Instagram; Lucia Peters (2); RebloggyGiphy; Awesome Gifs; Bookish Madam/Tumblr; Cheezburger; WiffleGif

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