Hiddleston Has a Date With King Kong

We'll be seeing him go from god of mischief to country crooner soon enough, and now he'll be going from country crooner to... some kind of someone who encounters King Kong. Tom Hiddleston's booked a leading role in Skull Island , the King Kong spinoff movie being produced by Legendary. And that's nice for him, for sure — but you can't really blame me for wanting to see him in other adventurer roles much more than in this one, can you?

Details of Hiddleston's role are still scarce — aka we still have no idea who he's playing — but I'd put my money on him being, uh, not a native to Skull Island, unless my mythology of the place is completely out of whack. I'd say he's probably going to be playing either a Brit or an America, and that he's likely headed to Skull Island for some adventuring or discovering of some sort. Just look at that face — that face is made to be an explore, or an academic, or some sort of academic explorer.

There's a chance this movie will fare better than the 2005 Peter Jackson King Kong in terms of quality (please let it fare better). But Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them is still looking for a Newt Scamander, and Hiddleston signing on for this big action-adventure movie makes it seem like he might not sign on for that action-adventure movie.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aside from that option — it also might be time for them to hire a non-white actor to lead the next Wizarding World franchise, in which case Hiddleston wouldn't qualify — there are tons of other, similar roles I'd love to see him in that could involve just as much swashbuckling or encountering of the bizarre. Swiss Family Robinson hasn't been remade in a while, how about that? What if he and Chris Pratt teamed up for an Indiana Jones-type thing?

The options are numerous. I think what's really clear here is that Hiddleston needs to swashbuckle more often.