6 Attractive Actors Who Look Like Birds Because I Can't Be the Only One Who's Noticed This Trend

Full disclosure: I have a thing for dudes who look like birds. Not in the fact that they have diminutive bones, webbed feet, or the power of flight. Nor do I mean to suggest that I'm attracted to birds themselves. I just enjoy a bloke who's got a bit of an Audubon thing going on.

Let me explain my theory a bit. There are certain features that I, perhaps entirely subjectively, identify as mildly avian. They are as follows: a nose that is a combination of curved and pointy, a tight-lipped smile, a furrowed brow, and a feathery head of hair. It's that very algorithm that makes a fellow look like a very attractive bird. This is my type. I know myself very well.

Growing up, there were certain actors whom always reminded me of each other, and I couldn't figure out exactly why. In recent years I've figured it out: they all have the hot bird thing going on.

Without further ado, here is my list of "Attractive Gentlemen in Hollywood Who Also Look Like Birds." I say this in the nicest of ways, because I would allow any of these fellows to regurgitate worms into my mouth. You're welcome for that imagery.

Adam Scott

Think about it. He’s got the combo nose and a voluminous head hair that mimics a feather tuft. I’d say, he’s a charming lil’ duckling.

Image: Getty Images

Adrien Brody

Behold, Adrian Brody! The perennial blueprint of a man who looks like an African Grey, but whom you’re still attracted to in ways you won’t readily admit.

Image: Getty Images

Bradley Cooper

Hear me out, folks. Bradley Cooper may have a strong chin (less bird-ish) but there’s something about him that looks decidedly owl-esque the most endearing of ways. I think it’s mostly his brows, nose, and smile.

Image: Getty Images

Will Arnett

It’s all there… Lightly springy coif, smug yet endearing bird-like mouth, and a curved, pointy nose. All around: a cute kind of seagull.

Image: Getty Images

Justin Kirk

With his permanently furrowed brow, this Weeds actor reminds me of a bald eagle. That said, in the scant episodes I watched with him appearing on the show, I was into every moment of it. Don’t judge me.

Image: Getty Images

Dan Futterman

This actor, known most prominently for playing Robin Williams’ on-screen son in The Birdcage, was my first exposure to cute guys with a quasi-birdish vibe. Essentially, he was the gateway drug for my unconventional tastes to take flight.

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