Will Lauren Conrad’s Wedding Photos Be Released? L.C.'s Given Us Some Clues

Here's an important, pressing question: Where the hell are Lauren Conrad's wedding pictures?! I've looked high, I've looked low, I've considered trekking across the country to California to ring her bell and ask her for them myself.

But here's the thing — is she even going to release them? I suppose only time and patience will tell. Or! We can figure it out by what taking a look at what she's revealed to the public in the past. And if that's any indication, it looks those wedding pics will be coming soon.

Images: laurenconrad/Instagram (6)

She Uploaded a Photo of Another Bride

Don’t get crazy, people. That’s not Conrad. It’s a pic of her beautiful “bestie” Maura McManus on her wedding day.

She Revealed Some Details a Month Before the Wedding

Was this for the wedding? The bridal shower? Invitations that they sent themselves?!

She Did a Photo Shoot for 'Martha Stewart Weddings'

That bodes well, right? Also, stop being so flawless LC. Stop it right now.

She Got Candid About Her Bridesmaids' Attire

What a jokester. Conrad captioned this Instagram, “Good news for my bridesmaids! Turns out my mother saved all of her bridesmaid dresses so…”

I can only assume that this means the actual dresses were magnificent.

She Let Cameras Into Her Home Before

Not only for Laguna Beach and The Hills, but for an interior design shoot. If she lets InStyle inside her house, maybe she’ll let them or another magazine into her hallowed day!

She Has a Whole Lot of Wedding Posts On Her Blog

Oh yeah and Kleinfeld’s, wedding dress extraordinaire, sponsors laurenconrad.com.

Coincidence? I think not.

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She Posted Pics of Her Own Wedding Events in the Past

Like this one from her Bachelorette party.

I’m thinking that the odds are good that we’ll get to see our girl LC in white.