This Quick At-Home Treatment Will Fix Hair Woes

Recent years have not been a particularly healthy time for your locks thanks to the straight ironing/formaldehyde-dosed keratin treatments/beachy ombre trend, and hair colorist Rita Hazan knows this all too well. Luckily, the celebrity haircare guru and salon-owner's new two part at-home Weekly Remedy treatment gives stressed locks a much-needed dose of TLC.

Unless you have unlimited time on your hands or handle your hair with the same kid-gloved treatment you would give a beloved pet, your hair likely feels nothing like the feathery, baby-soft strands you were born with. Hazan's Weekly Remedy uses a combination of rice proteins, linseed extract, pea extract, jojoba oil, and olive oil to inject hydration directly into your strands and prepare hair to better absorb treatment products.

The treatment comes in the form of two simple parts: Treat It, which doses hair with its miracle brew of ingredients, and Seal It, which secures the treatment inside hair and prevents environmental factors from sapping color and shine. The dual-step process only takes a matter of minutes to apply and wash out, and takes the place of the conditioning portion of your regular hair-cleansing routine.

If the formula of Weekly Remedy sounds like an empty promise or a quick fix for heat-ravaged locks, quite simply, it's not. With such an impressive list of purported benefits, I was curious to give the treatment a test drive, so on Monday evening I let one of Hazan's stylists take control of my locks. After vigorously shampooing my hair, one of Hazan's talented stylists massaged in the Treat It component, followed shortly by Seal It. The treatment, Haza explained, need not be left in for hours on end to take effect, so the entire cleansing and hydrating process concluded in a matter of minutes.

And lo and behold, the Weekly Remedy actually performs as promised. My recently-colored hair appeared untouched by heated tools, and was so incredibly soft that I found myself girlishly twirling my strands the whole night through. As if my own infatuation with my newly restored strands weren't enough, a male friend of mine began to absentmindedly run his hands through my hair, and admiringly declared that my strands carried a delightfully clean, fresh scent hours after I left Hazan's salon. After such positive reactions, how could I possibly give up this glowing hair panacea?

The $42 Weekly Remedy will make its debut at Ulta and in October. I highly suggest you get on that.

Images: Tyler Atwood