You've Been Eating Ramen Wrong Your Whole Life

If you’ve never experienced the joys of real ramen, you’re missing out — even though it can be a little… shall we say, messy. But for those of you who know it, love it, and consume it as frequently as possible, there’s now a solution to all your noodle-related problems: Someone has actually invented a utensil designed specifically for eating ramen. Genius? Yes. So much yes.

Available on Uncommon Goods, this Ramen Spoon and Fork hybrid looks kind of like the spork’s flashier, way more useful older brother. Instead of stubby little tines that can’t actually pick up anything and a bowl that drips everything right into your lap, this stainless steel utensil features both lengthy tines and a nice, wide bowl. Its design allows you first to twist up your noodles, then add a spoonful of broth to the mix — finally allowing you to eat both at the same time without juggling both a fork and a spoon or trying to drink out of your bowl while chewing. I don’t know no one thought of it sooner, because seriously, you guys. This thing is the Platonic ideal of eating utensils.

Alas, when I moved to the suburbs from the city last year, one of the things I had to give up was ready access to a fabulous ramen restaurant; although I’ve learned to make a lot of the takeout dishes I can’t order anymore (Thai, Indian, you name it), I haven’t yet attempted real ramen. Maybe I should start small by hacking the instant stuff into something palatable. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm all ears.

For the curious, here’s a look at the Ramen Spoon and Fork in action:

Images: K/Fotolia; Uncommon Goods