These Guys Tried On Victoria's Secret Underwear

At least four guys now know what we have to deal with when it comes to our undies. BuzzFeed had these brave dudes give our go-to panties a shot, and their honest reactions are too funny. The guys tried three styles of ladies' underwear — all from Victoria's Secret, obviously. And though they were hidden behind a pink curtain from the waist down, they left little to the imagination.

The first option: The bikini. Black Tank Top Guy (I gave them all nicknames, of course) says: "This is why girls are always picking it out of things." (Damn, we usually think we're being pretty subtle with our adjustments. Apparently not.)

Next up is boyshorts. Purple Tee Shirt Guy describes these better than I could myself. "I imagine the lower half of my butt just lightly hangs out of them very sexually." Yes, yes it does. (Black Tank Top Guy describes this phenomenon as "the reverse muffin top.")

A comment from Polo Guy: "How's the back? Ooh, yeah! These make my butt look good!" Coincidentally, I say the same exact thing when I'm working my fave pair. (You should try it – total confidence booster.)

The grand finale: the thong (duh). Just the way the guys hold them up and examine them like they're a new species is hysterical. Needless to say, the thong portion of this vid is a gold mine of new ways to describe the style. Here's a new one: "My ass is literally sucking them up, like a vacuum."

You'll just have to watch it for yourself. Make yourself some popcorn and settle in, because the next two minutes and 37 seconds of your life are going to be very entertaining.