Your Ultimate Fall Skincare Guide

by May Sofi

As the seasons change, our skincare regimen must change with it, right? There is an influx of information out there dictating what we should and shouldn’t be putting on our skin, and claiming that we should once again change our skin routine now that it's fall. Some sources say dump everything you have and load up on moisturizer while others say all you need is a good face oil. With so much contradicting information out there how do we know what to actually buy and when to use what? How do we alter our skincare routine in a seamless and simple way without having to purchase a medicine cabinet's worth of new product?

This is a concept I've struggled with year after year. Generally speaking, my skincare routine is pretty simple and consistent, comprised of a gentle cleanser, a non-greasy moisturizer and a light exfoliant. Less is more right? Well... not always. As temperatures begin to drop, I've started to notice changes in my skin, such as dryness and peeling, that my trifecta of simple formulas just isn't adapting to. These surfacing issues coupled with scoldings from my mother (a licensed Esthetician) about altering my skincare has finally led me to seek professional advice. I want to scream out "Just tell me exactly what I need for my combination skin, ok?!"

I'm sure this feeling resonates with many of you out there just wanting to know the truth about what works for you. So I've turned to two seasoned professionals, Dr. Gary Goldfaden, Dermatologist and Founder of Goldfaden MD, and Dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD to help with what seems like a daunting task. Together, we've broken down your Fall skincare guide per your skin type: Dry, Combination and Oily/Acne-Prone Skin.

** One important factor to keep in mind, is that hydration is the key to clear, beautiful skin for all skin types. Even if you have an oilier complexion, the colder months of fall and winter wreak havoc on the skin, drying it out and stripping it of its natural moisture. This should be the basis of your skincare regimen for fall.

Dry Skin

Recommended Product: Hydrating Cleanser

"The trick is to not become more dry than you already are, which can lead to flaky skin and peeling. Think about what you are washing your face with. Do not use hot water as this will dry and irritate skin more, in addition to causing redness. Invest in a hydrating and soothing cleanser." says Dr. Goldfaden. He recommends Sunday Riley Charisma Creme Cleanser which contains milk and aloe to soothe skin while hydrating from within.

Combination Skin

Recommended Products: Natural Moisturizer, Facial Oil, Mild Glycolic Wash

Combination skin can be the hardest to treat as you never know how it may react. Look for products that use natural ingredients, as they will aggravate skin less. "Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call Overnight Regenerative Facial Treatment is one size fits all when it comes to giving skin what it needs. All natural ingredients that are anti-aging, hydrating and restorative. Oils are also very beneficial for combination skin. Look for one that nourishes, hydrates and assists with anti-aging. African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil is effective, hydrating and complexion balancing." says Dr. Goldfaden. Dr. Peredo recommends using a mild glycolic acid cleanser like Glytone Mild Gel Wash, with a Clarisonic brush. "Glycolic acid is a skin retexturizer which, when applied with the Clarisonic, rids the skin of surface impurities as well as buildup and makeup." says Dr. Peredo.

Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

Recommended Products: Facial Peel and Hydrating Gel

Breakouts can be difficult to deal with during fall and winter. Your skin is oily, you then breakout and have to clear it up, which usually involves some sort of drying side effect leaving your skin dehydrated. Exfoliators work well for oily/acne-prone skin. However, in order to prevent breakouts and dehydration, try easing up on the exfoliation products. Whether you love peels, wipes or scrubs, cut your usage of these products in half. If you enjoy peels look for one that contains less aggressive acids, like lactic. "Goldfaden MD Fresh A Peel, which contains 12% lactic acid is perfect for the Fall/Winter season. Lactic acid is specifically successful with treating acne scars." says Dr. Goldfaden. Dr. Peredo suggest Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel to avoid dehydration of skin from breakout treatments. The Hydrating B5 Gel is formulated with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and B5, known for its nutritive properties and skin restoration.

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