You will watch this Vine at least 20 times

The unfair thing about being a human is that I don't have anyone following me around taking videos and pictures of my antics all day. Because I'm full of adorable antics. Sometimes I almost trip down the last step and then catch myself and make a doofy face and say something like "Oh my!" Sometimes I drink an entire bottle of wine out of a straw before Scandal even comes on. Sometimes I DVR episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter and don't even hate-watch them. I JUST REGULAR WATCH THEM. Supercute stuff. But no one is around to document it on Vine, so alas, there is no viral video of me dancing around in my Laundry Day Underwear while eating "salsa tacos" because I refuse to go grocery shopping.

Pets don't have this problem. Humans are essentially only on this planet to revel in the disproportionate delight of watching our animal companions do literally anything. And since the advent of things like camera phones and social media, we have the ability to share our pet antic joy with the rest of the world. How is it possible that we still have war and famine and frowns when inspiring individuals like this fluffy little maniac (yes, he is an "inspiring individual") exist? It certainly makes the salsa taco lifestyle easier to handle.

Image: tverkhovinets/Fotolia