All The Dresses That Could Be LC's Wedding Gown

Ever since our beloved LC turned down Paris to hang out with her slightly horrendous boyfriend Jason (I know I wasn't the only one who watched The Hills, guys), we've all been patiently waiting for our favorite girl next door to end up with her very own Prince Charming. And now she has. Lauren Conrad married long-time boyfriend William Tell on Saturday in California. Oh — and the very first photos of her wedding look are here. Let's analyze them, shall we?

From what we can see on the US Weekly cover (which is not very much, by the way), Conrad wore a Grecian-inspired headpiece, simple white veil, and classic ivory gown. Beyond that? Well, we don't really know that much other than that the world will not stop until we are all able to see the look in its entirety. Granted, this is the age of the Internet, and I doubt it will be more than a few days before head-to-toe photos of the bride and groom pop up somewhere, but in the meantime...why shouldn't we all speculate about the entire wedding look?

Granted, we only have a headpiece, about 14 percent of a veil and a sliver of a dress to go off of here, but I'll make it work.

First thing's first, let's talk about the headpiece/hair situation, since it is basically the only thing we can entirely see. I feel like we should have seen this coming only because it is so very Lauren Conrad. Loose, beach waves? Check. Signature, simple cat eye for makeup? Check. Cool, SoCal chic headpiece? Obviously.

The headpiece actually reminded me of some beautiful Jenny Packham headdresses I had seen online. Full disclosure: by online, I mean when I'm planning my dream wedding on Pinterest (no, I am not engaged at all). Although this one isn't a dead ringer, there's certainly a resemblance:

I could be misinterpreting Conrad's headdress as Grecian, but those are leaves I see, right? In that case, it's possible that the headpiece is more simple, like a couple options I found on Etsy.

This brings us to the dress, which, from what I can tell, is actually not what I would have expected from Conrad. First of all, it looks ivory, which is one of the more intense shades of white for a wedding dress. For some reason, I expected something a little softer, or maybe even a non-traditional colored gown. However, it's fair to mention that it's tough to tell really anything definitively about the dress at this point. What do we know for sure? The gown is sleeveless (but not strapless) and appears to be beaded.

The front of the dress is a total mystery to us, though, thanks to Conrad's perfectly coiffed hair covering it. But will that stop me from imagining every possibility of the dress' overall look? Of course not.

Here are a few ideas of what the gown might look like overall.

Very, very pretty. I can't wait for the full length shot!

Images: Jenny Packham, BeadsBroochesBridal, Natalys Wedding Art/Etsy, Kate C., Black Tie Wedding Invitations, Zintle Smith, Alyssa Bartell/Pinterest, Dressily Me