R&B Singer Brandy Performs to 40 People in 90,000-Seat Stadium & Oh God, Criiiiinge

Your inner '90s child is about the die of intense and prolonged cringes after you hear that R&B singer Brandy performed to only 40 people in a 90,000 seat stadium in South Africa over the weekend. Ouch. That means that the stadium was only 0.0004 percent full ... basically, more people attended your last party than showed up to see Brandy. It's even possible that you've slept with more people than were there, but believe it or not, it's not all depressing, guys. There is, in fact, a silver lining.

First of all, Brandy's performance was an unannounced surprise. She was supposed to be the big finale of the musical portion of the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day at FNB stadium, but since people didn't know she was going to be there, they sort of all just peaced out after a few of the acts. When it was Brandy's turn to come on, apparently it was crickets. According to South African singer Kabomo's twitter, she sulked off the stage after two songs. But hey, it's not like people dissed her on purpose. Probably.

Second of all, when's the last time you cared about Brandy? Other than those karaoke sessions where you try and convince someone to duet "The Boy Is Mine" with you, and other than those times you casually talk about celebrities who have been involved in hit and runs, and other than those times you talk about stars who look like Olivia Wilde, Brandy isn't really on the tip of your tongue.

But today she is. She's back! So what if it's because she stepped on stage to see 89,960 empty seats staring back at her — there's no such thing as bad press, right? So welcome, back Brandy. We've sort of missed you.

All that said, we can't help but think that Monica is out there somewhere petting a hairless cat, congratulating herself on the success of her diabolical plan.

[Image via Tumblr]