Kimye Should Consider These Names For Baby #2

While the world is still trying to figure out whether or not Beyoncé and Jay Z are expecting a sibling for two-year-old Blue Ivy, pop culture's other power couple, Kimye have, apparently, really been trying for baby number two. According to the selfie queen herself, Kim Kardashian, she and Kanye West are hoping for another child now that their first, North, is over a year old, and that it's "all in God's hands."

Kardashian revealed the news on the Australian version of Today , during her recent trip to Australia with hubby West. "I hope so," Kardashian commented when asked about expanding her family. "You know, we're trying. So I guess it's all in God's hands." As for how many, Kardashian was less sure about that, but she did comment: "I'll go for two, but then again I have so many siblings and I love it, they're my best friends and I would love that for my kids."

Whether or not the world is ready for more Kardashians has yet to be seen, but the thought of adorable little North West having an equally adorable little sibling is undeniably a cute one. It also raises some important questions — like, since Kimye settled on the unique name of North for their first child, what will they choose to top that for baby number two?

Considering the first time around, the power couple did take name suggestions (reportedly, Vogue chief Anna Wintour actually helped the two settle on a name), here are a few that have been floating around the Internet for some time that Kimye should maybe (as in, not at all) consider:


Snooki — yes, that Snooki, of course — actually suggested this name before Kim had North, under the logic that the reality queen should stick with the 'K' name tradition in her family. Kim, on the other hand, strayed away from the 'K' names for fear that it would make her first name's initial, Kanye's first name's initial, and their child's first name initial, spell out 'KKK' — but maybe she'll reconsider this advice from one reality star to another.


OK, all joking aside, this was just the most random, ridiculous suggestion I saw online, and I had to include it.


I take that back. This was the most random, ridiculous suggestion I saw online.


Another strange suggestion at first glance — but maybe not so much! Considering Kim's plans to release a book of selfies, and Kanye's generally strange relationship with social media, this name would be just enough meta to make sense for like, five minutes. It might be a little weird after that, but hey, North sounded weird when we all first heard it too, didn't it?


This is actually just a suggestion of my own. Don't deny it — you thought about it too.

...or, you know, maybe they should just pick a better name themselves.

Image: Giphy, cantankerouspr/Tumblr