The “Creffle” Is Part Waffle, Part Crepe, And Proves That We’re Still Not Over Hybrid Pastries

Be honest: Did you really think that the hybrid pastry trend had finally started to taper off? Because it hasn’t, and we’ve got proof: The newly-minted “creffle,” a part-crepe, part-waffle creation that’s so notable, it has its very own restaurant. The Creffle Café is now open for business at 115 Stanton St. in New York City.

According to The Lo-Down, the creffle is the brainchild of Al Tak, who drew his inspiration from — what else? — the cronut. To be fair, there’s actually more to the creffle than just pouring crepe batter into a waffle iron; Belgian waffles lend the treat its crispiness on the outside, crepes give it the softness on the inside, and a type Chinese pastry called an eggette — a waffle-y sort of pancake with egg-shaped protuberances instead of nooks and crannies — provides the unique texture. Creffles come in savory and sweet varieties, so no matter how you like your pastries, odds are you’ll find something that’s right up your alley.

Tak spent three months developing the creffle in order to differentiate his restaurant from others in the area. “Nowadays, because of the competition and everything, you have to be pretty inventive, to come up with something new,” he told DNA Info. I can kind of understand that — but I also think the whole “gimmick” food and restaurant thing is starting to get a little out of hand. Maybe that’s just me though. They still sound delicious, right?

In honor of this newest entry into the hybrid pastry pantheon, I have come up with a very scientific analysis (by which I mean it involves absolutely no science whatsoever) detailing the 12 stages of hybrid pastry fandom. Where do you fall right now?

1. Blissful Ignorance

Lalalala, I have never heard of anything unusual before in my life, and I am perfectly happy in my current state.

2. Creeping Awareness

“Cronut?” What is this “cronut” of which you speak?

3. The Aha Moment

Oh! So that’s what everyone has been talking about!

4. Information Gathering

Because obviously I must find out everything I can about this strange and fascinating new trend.

5. Absolute Obsession


6. The First Bite

Finally! This is it! Time to experience the glory for myself!

7. Disappointment

…That’s it? Man. It definitely doesn’t live up to the hype. Siiiiiiigh.

8. Getting Over It

Oh well. Keep calm and carry on, right?

9. Mild Annoyance

What's this? Another hybrid pastry thing? Haven't we seen enough of them already?

10. Disgruntlement

No, really. Enough is enough.

11. The Boiling Point


12. Letting Go

…But you know what? Whatever. It’s just food. The world does not revolve around Frankenpastries. Time to let it go.

Images: Creffle Cafe/Facebook; Giphy (6); Wiffle Gif (3); A Smile Is the Universal Welcome, Ianthe's Inferno/Tumblr; Cheezburger