Paula Deen Will Get the 'Law & Order: SVU' Treatment: Will More Than Her Career Get Killed?

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Law & Order: SVU is famous for basing its episodes on real-life crime stories, but, still, the procedural will never reveal just which stories their episodes are based on. That said, it's pretty easy to read between the headlines — including a new one about a Cybill Shepherd-starring hour centering on a famous chef who kills a young man in a hoodie who she confuses for a rapist. Of course, only someone living under a rock (or in the Big Brother house) wouldn't realize that the storyline is based on both Paula Deen and Trayvon Martin.

Deen is just the latest celebrity to be the inspiration for a Law & Order subject. But one question remains: Her racist words might have killed her career, but will they also kill her on L&O: SVU? Read on to see which celebrities didn't make it out alive on the NBC procedural based on their stories.

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