Coffee Brewed With Whiskey? GENIUS

If you’re a fan of Irish coffee, good news: I’ve found your new favorite drink. It’s called Fliquor Bean, and essentially, it’s coffee that’s been cold brewed with 90-proof whiskey instead of water. It's intense — and it's probably also extremely tasty. I say "probably" because unfortunately I haven't been able to get my coffee-loving little hands on it... but one day, I will. Oh yes. I will.

According to Sprudge, the LA-based startup has been around since 2013. They’re currently awaiting federal approval of their product, so you can’t purchase them in stores yet; you can, however, get a hold of it if you book Fliquor Bean mastermind Jerry Defazio as your bartender at a private event. According to LA Weekly, Defazio will even deliver it to you on his bike if you live in the Los Angeles area — and yes, it comes in a Mason jar with a hand-written label. Kind of gives it a classic, homemade moonshine sort of feel, doesn’t it?

It’s worth noting that Fliquor Bean is less coffee made with whiskey and more whiskey infused with coffee; as such, you probably shouldn’t pour it into a 12-ounce mug and chug the whole thing in one go (hi there, alcohol poisoning!). It’s created in much the same way cold brew coffee is, though, with each batch having a steeping time of 12 to 14 hours. Defazio, tested out a huge variety of roasters and whiskeys before settling on Stumptown’s Hairbender roast and Bakersfield, CA-based distillery Bowen’s whiskey. It’s apparently best served simply in a glass over ice, although a dash of cream and a touch of simple syrup probably wouldn’t go amiss if you prefer something with less bite.

Need more serving suggestions? Fliquor Bean’s YouTube channel has helpfully provided a recipe for a White Columbian using the coffee-infused liquor:

And you can amp your weekend brunch up to a whole new level with it, too:

If, alas, you do not happen to live in the LA area, you’ll just have to wait patiently until Fliquor Bean gets federal approval to try it. Keep your ear to the ground via the Fliquor Bean website, and connect with the boozy beverage on Twitter. Bottoms up!

Images: FliquorBean/Twitter