This Dog is Cooler Than You. Hands Down.

You know how life is when you're a dog — your owners are gone most of the day and there's nothing to do but nap, bark at the mailman, and cultivate your own internet following...if your master is Artist Rafael Mantessor, anyway. Mantessor's Instagram account features his Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo in all sorts of imagined scenarios. Sadly, it is run not by the terrier but by the human artist, but hey, it's still adorable.

Rafael Mantesso was first inspired to take photos featuring his dog and background drawings after his divorce, while he was sitting in a blank white house with no furniture. Soon the project got more and more elaborate, and became an excuse for the two best friends to spend some extra time together every day.

So while Jimmy Choo's real dog life probably doesn't involve any dates with Lady from Lady and the Tramp, or hanging out with Calvin and Hobbes, in the imaginative world of his pictures, he's certainly living it up and having the time of any dog's life. And he's so cute!

You can check out a sample of his imaginary adventures below, or head over to Mantesso's Instagram to see even more.

The account also features plenty of other art shots, including some other mixed 3D and drawn photos that don't involve Jimmy Choo, which are also pretty cool.

But the cutest photos are definitely the ones with the dog.

Images: @rafaelmantesso/Instagram