21 Dog Halloween Costume Ideas, Including But Not Limited To The Pumpkin Pug, Dino Dog, And Real Life Chia Pet

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Finding the perfect Halloween costume is hands-down one of the best things about October — especially when that perfect costume is for your dog. Whether you buy it, painstakingly DIY it, or throw it together last minute, pet Halloween costumes are always going to be perfect, no matter what. And if you think YOU look amazing in your carefully put together Halloween getup, you better believe your dog will look 8 million times cuter.

Let's be honest. Our dogs know that fall is the best season, and they want in on the Halloween fun, too. So go ahead and dress your dog up as a real life Chia Pet. Pull a pumpkin suit over your pug, or put your pooch in superhero garb. No matter what you dress your pup as for Halloween, your dog is guaranteed to to steal the spotlight from any human parading off their costume this season.

Trying to find a Halloween costume for your dog? Here are 21 ideas to get you started. And even if you don’t have a dog, you might want to consider borrowing one for the occasion — just so you can say you have the best costumed pet on the block.

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