Is Laura Prepon Coming Back to 'OITNB' or Not?

You remember how Buzzfeed said that Laura Prepon would no longer be a regular on Orange Is the New Black? And then Netflix said none of that was true? Well, now Taryn Manning (aka Pennsatucky) is saying that the cast has no idea what's going on. That's right, it's just a classic case of website said, streaming service said.

Manning says the cast isn't really talking about the possibility of Prepon leaving the show, but Prepon is currently directing her own film, so that could be a reason for her departure. Manning told ETOnline :

I think she's amazing, so it'll be interesting without her around, but I don't know the facts — although I hear she will be filming some of this season.

So is Prepon leaving OITNB, or is she not? There's no clear answers, but there are a few theories:

  • There's going to be a reunion of That's 70's Show, so she's leaving
  • In the end, it turns out the whole thing was Alex Vause's dream, so she's staying
  • She's going off to college and Eric's staying at home with his parents, so she's leaving (or is that another show?)
  • Crazy Eyes has kidnapped her, so she's staying
  • She really is a drug dealer and now she has to go to real prison, so she's leaving
  • She likes how the fake tattoos look, so she's staying
  • She's a Scientologist, and Scientologists hate lesbians, so she's leaving (seriously)

Actually, you know what's really going to happen? She's leaving to perform Are You There, Chelsea? as a one-woman, off-Broadway show. Obviously.