Remember Marty McFly's Light-Up Nikes From 'Back to the Future'? Now You Can Buy Them

If you had a childhood, you probably also had a small to momentous crush on Michael J. Fox. You still can't date him, but you can purchase a pair of Marty McFly's light-up sneakers from Back to the Future II . That's almost like dating 1989-era Michael J. Fox, right? Okay, not really. But at least you'll look cool while not dating the Teen Wolf of your dreams.

The sneakers in question are the velcro high-tops Marty McFly sports while riding a hoverboard in the 1989 version of 2015. This was clearly some George Orwell-level trend ESP on the part of the Back to the Future II costume designer, because it's 2014 and our obsession with ever more bizarre sneakers is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to io9, "you can preorder a pair of Nike knock-offs for $98" at the Halloween Costumes website. They are almost identical the ones from the movie, minus the Nike logo. And yes, that does mean that they light up. You can re-charge them with a USB cable included with the purchase for maximum glow potential. Unfortunately, they don't come with Christopher Lloyd or a Dolorean, but they're cool enough to make up for that.

The sneaks are currently out of stock, but here's a photo in case you're itching to eventually get your hands on a pair.

Image: Halloween Costumes