TIGI's "Twisted" New Bead Head Products Are Perfect For Celebrating Your Unique Brand of Quirk

Though TIGI's line of haircare products is lauded as professional-grade and fit for use by the top hairstylists and colorists, it's no secret that their Bed Head line is beloved by its nonconformist consumer base just as much. Now, the brand is launching four new products based on consumer and stylist favorites, but with an edgy twist. If you have established favorites in the Bed Head Line, not to worry; these new additions are meant to give you further styling capabilities, not detract from the brand's other cult favorites.

First up is Motor Mouth, a volumizing cream which offers a lighter consistency and more luminizing potential than the similarly-bottled Small Talk. However, this saccharine-scented lotion is so much more than your average volumizer. When applied liberally, Motor Mouth literally illuminates your strands under UV light (perfect for literally shining bright like a diamond on the dance floor). And in all other lighting situations, it simply gives hair a pleasing, delicate shimmer and improved body. After wearing Motor Mouth overnight I found my locks delightfully soft and shiny, still carrying the addictive, cotton candy scent.

Next on the docket is Manipulator Matte, a deliciously thick wax/cream that gives you ultimate styling power. In other words, if you pull the product through short hair, your locks will stay put in gravity-defying positions with a trendy, shine-free finish. As TIGI's US Education Director Thomas Osborn explained, perfectly shiny hair can be uninspired, but textured hair maintains intrigue and interest.

TIGI's last two additions to the Bed Head line are simpler in concept, but just as high on impact. The new Flexi Head hairspray contains a nozzle with greater surface area and a mist-like spray for evenly coating locks, and its flexible hold allows the wearer to maintain their style without the dreaded helmet-head look. And the brand's Blow-Out cream in its funky purple bottle offers streamlined shine, while gold mica flecks give a spectacular kick to darker locks.

So what do all of these individual products actually offer? A unique take on styling your locks that is as disparate from the cookie cutter "beachy waves" blowout one sees on every street corner these days. Bed Head will always be the quirky, cutting-edge relative to the basic offerings of salon brands which promise perfection, and their new crop of products is no exception. If you love to embrace your distinctive style, Bead Head's innovations are there to support your every hairstyling need.

Images: Courtesy Bed Head