How Does "Booty" Compare to "Anaconda"?

What was that? Pitbull was supposed to be on this Jennifer Lopez club track? Well, prepare to forget that information about the original song immediately because Iggy Azalea and Lopez rump-shook it right out of your brain. When Lopez released the "Booty" remix featuring Azalea, it was easy to compare it to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" — or even to the original song featuring Pitbull — and find it lacking. However, Azalea and Lopez have stepped up their game to fantastic effect even if "Anaconda" is still the clear winner. Thursday night, Lopez and Azalea's "Booty" music video was released on Vevo and it's exactly the kind of booty ode they were trying to communicate in the song, except this time they're actually successful.

You could make a drinking game out of how often Lopez and Azalea say the word booty in the song and out of how often the camera focuses on those same booties in the music video. You could, but you'd be on the floor within the first 30 seconds of the song and the video. Unlike "Anaconda", which at least tried out a variety of different sets including the jungle, "Booty" keeps their focus on Azalea and Lopez at all time. You can witness Lopez singing and making her sexy face at the camera in a bunch of different outfits and rooms, but the focus is, at almost all times, on her notoriously famous backside.

Azalea tries hard to keep up with her own rump shaking, but Lopez definitely steals the show except in the portion of the song where Azalea is rapping. Ironically, that is one of the few booty-free sequences of the video, instead focusing mostly on Azalea's face and her physical closeness with Lopez. Still, the "Booty" music video does what music videos are supposed to do: it elevates the song to a new visual level and invites you to get up and dance along with Lopez. And, unlike "Anaconda", her booty dances are a lot easier to do.

Check out the video below.

Image: YouTube