Liam Neeson Smells Amazing Apparently, So What Could His Distinctive Aroma Be?

BREAKING NEWS: Liam Neeson has an enchanting natural aroma that exceeds all of your wildest expectations. I repeat, the strange and otherworldly alchemy of his pheromones will cast a spell over your mortal nostrils. Page Six gives us an eyewitness account of the actor's bewitching musk, and confirms what we all dreamed: Liam Neeson smells like heaven.

Following a Cinema Society screening in New York on Wednesday, Neeson's Walk Among The Tombstones co-star David Harbour recalled a fight scene between himself and the Taken actor. During the sparring match, Harbour inhaled a nose full of the terrific Liam Neeson scent. He explained, "At one point, his face rested on my shoulder and. . . I just became overcome by how wonderful he smelled. . . Imagine what terrific smells like and know that’s what Liam Neeson smells like. " There you have it. His body is a sensual wonderland.

The human race may be unworthy of a scratch-n-sniff experience so sublime, but this won't stop me from imagining what Liam Neeson smells like. I'll quit the teasing. Here are eight scents that likely make up the Neeson olfactory tableau.

Single Barrel Aged Scotch

Neeson quit drinking years ago, after wife Natasha Richardson’s death. However, there’s something about his essence that I imagine smelling like an oaky, sweet, smoky beverage of the utmost fancy variety.

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Premium Chocolate

If Neeson was a candy bar, he’d be an $8 block of ultra-dark Valhrona chocolate with flecks of coarse Dead Sea salt. Available in the checkout aisle at Whole Foods everywhere.

Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Leather-bound first editions

Notes of leather and literary fanciness in his sweat will make you swoon.

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Like an artisinal cookie, Liam Neeson’s perspiration is likely infused with cardamom and Vietnamese cinnamon.

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Irish Breakfast Tea

He’s Irish. Ergo, this is his morning drink.

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Black Currant

‘Cause he’s obviously got a sweet side.

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His scent most likely has undertones of the first frost: charcoal, morning dew, and comfort.

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"Hey, girl. You know my innate perfume leads to starring roles and a place in the hearts of humans everywhere."

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